Roshan Pakistan Housing Scheme

90 feet wide entrance road
40-60 feet wide streets
All Utilities (Electricity, Telephone) Cables are underground.
Illuminated roads with bright lamps at nights
Lush green landscaped parks & Jogging tracks
Beautiful Mosque
Overhead Tanks
Hospital and Dispensaries
Commercial Area & Mini MArkets

Community Center

Satellite Map of Sector E-16, Islamabad.

Approved by CDA





A city of natural opulence

ISLAMABAD - a picturesque city derives its name from the concept of PEACE, HARMONY and SERENITY; and these are the words best describe its character. In 1963 Islamabad came into light when declared the capital city of Pakistan. Laid out on a grid system, covering an area of approximately 1,165.5 km² (450 mi²) Islamabad presents the best accessibility to nature. Surrounded by the magnificent, scenic Margalla Hills, this city has the most vibrant environmental cultures. It offers its modern outdoors enthusiast daily occasions to hike, track, bike or climb while still enjoying the amenities of urban life. With a lot of international food chains opened and an improvement in nightlife with increasing shopping areas, this capital city is making the livability and quality of life in Islamabad the best in Pakistan. In step with the future, this city is proving its worth as the best place in the country to dwell and LIVE A LIFE to its fullest



Roshan Pakistan Housing Scheme

Sector E-16, Zone II, Islamabad

Roshan Pakistan can best be described as a synonym for serenity of nature and splendor of urban culture. People in quest of opulent living desire an experience of dipping feet in lush greenery; they dream of climbing the hills that have adorned and embraced the city through the millennia. Along the way, they seek hospitality and distinctive cuisine of Potohar Region. In short they aspire, dream and seek experience of living in 'Roshan Pakistan'. A well planned city within the city - 'Roshan Pakistan' is all set to give a sense of pride to its residents. Bursting with investment opportunities and dreamlike living, Roshan Pakistan is a major contributor to the magnificent housing needs of the capital city.